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BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) is a five and half year course which gives the professional degree of Ayurvedacharya. It is a combined study of modern medicines with traditional Ayurveda. It is considered as strongest of all the alternative medical fields as Ayurvedic deals with the problem from its roots. BAMS has similar course pattern as MBBS and BHMS, the main difference is the practice of medicine. The BAMS fee structureis affordable compared to other medical fields and the syllabus is also relativity easy. The study of Ayurveda provides cure as well as prevention of deadly diseases. The concept of Ayurveda states that the human body can only have three kinds of disorders that is Pitta, Vata, and Kapha. Ayurvedic medicines increase the natural healing capacity and make the body more resistant. BAMS has similar course pattern as MBBS and BHMS, the main difference is the practice of medicine. The fee structure is affordable compared to other medical fields and the syllabus is also relativity easy. Typically the BAMS course consists of the duration four and half years after which the student must undertake an internship for a minimum one year. Only after successfully performing the internship student is awarded a degree. The first four and half years of study is divided into two three parts as per the syllabus.

Students need to qualify minimum eligibility criteria in order to pursue BAMS as a career: 

  • Criteria include passing (10+2) with core subjects Biology, Physics, and Chemistry with English as a side subject.
  • Minimum passing marks attained in 12th board examination should be more than 50%.
  • Also, the student must clear the entrance exam NEET, since majority of the Indian Universties offering BAMS program are enrolling students on the basis of their NEET score.
  • All the candidates must be aged 17 or more.
  • As per the foreign students, their qualifications will be checked according to their university for admission in BAMS.

The syllabus of BAMS course is divided into three parts. These three parts are known as three professionals which include different subjects. These professionals are divided into equal durations of time. Each professionals lasts for or 1.5 years. After this four and a half years, a one-year internship is compulsory for every student. 

The BAMS syllabus is as follows :

  • 1st professional: Syllabus of the first profession mainly consists of subjects Ayurvedic as Modern Anatomy & Physiology, Ayurvedic Classical Texts, Sanskrit Language.
  • 2nd professional: It consists of subjects Ayurvedic Classical Texts, Social and Preventive Medicine, Ayurvedic Toxicology, Pharmacology and Pharmaceutics including herbal and herbo-mineral medicines with essential modern pharmacology, diagnostics, and clinical methods.
  • 3rd professional: Syllabus of III profession includes Ayurvedic as well as modern aspects of – general medicine, Gynaecology,andObstetrics, General Surgery, Pediatrics, ENT, Ophthalmology, Panchakarma (Bio-cleansing procedure), Ayurvedic Classical Texts.
  • Internship: Compulsory internship in any clinical department for a year.

Ayurveda is a great alternative to allopathy as it has a wide range of application in disease prevention and cure. Today with an increase in the growth of health issues and failure of allopathy to cure the major diseases, Ayurveda is preferred mostly as an effective treatment. 

BAMS may have emerged in India but now it has gained its popularity outside the nation too. To be a successful and qualified BAMS degree holder you must finish the course and internship as well.There are a number of options one can consider after the course.

  1. After a student gets a degree, he can continue his practice or can start the career with his clinic. • Higher studies include specialization in the therapy of skin diseases, spinal disorders, ophthalmologic conditions, ano-rectal diseases, and many more.

  2. Other important fields to specialize in are Padartha Vigyan, Sharir Rachana, Sharir Kriya, SwasthVritta, Rasa Shastra, Agad Tantra, Rog Vikriti Vigyan, Charak Samhita], Prastuti and StriRoga, KaumaraBhritya, Kayachikitsa, Shallya Tantra, Shalakya Tantra, Charak Samhita.

  3. After completing education student can join a government or a private clinic as a specialist or can also startup his own clinic.

  4. Many research fields also require a BAMS specialist. If one is not interested in any of these things then he can pursue teaching field too.

  1. Institute of Medical Sciences (IMS) [Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh] This college is ranked 22 out of 24. It offers BAMS course with Annual fees 50,000 INR.
  2. Baba Farid University of Health Sciences (BFUHS) [Faridkot, Punjab] This college offers BAMS course with Annual fees 31500 INR.
  3. Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS) [ Nashik, Maharashtra] This college offers BAMS course under Annual fees 23000 INR.
  4. Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences (DMIMS) [ Wardha, Maharashtra] 

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