# India's First Abroad Preference

Study MD MS in U.K.

U.K. is one of the highly selected destinations for Medical Education not only by the Indian students but also by International students.

Study MD MS in U.K.

The postgraduate medical program in the United kingdom is recognized globally as well as by the medical council of India, it is an opportunity for Indian students to study MD MS in UK with or without PLAB. The medical universities in the United Kingdom are well known for their research and technology globally, the clinical training and medical research program of these universities are designed in accordance with Royal college London and recognize by GMC. The clinical equipment and facilities of these universities are most advance and the reputation and global ranking is much higher than Indian medical universities. Your Chanakya helps you out to know the MCI recognize college and course details, Clinical program based seat availability, Fees structure of the courses, the eligibility requirement of the universities and admission procedures etc.

Why study MD MS in UK ?

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