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Overview of PHD Course

Ph.D. Degree may be instituted in all subjects wherever recognised postgraduate qualification in medical subjects are awarded by the concerned Universities subject to fulfillment of the following guidelines

Ph.D. shall be awarded only upon completion of M.D. or M.S. or P.G. Diploma or M.Sc. in medical subjects.

The period of training for Ph.D. shall be two years for candidates who possess M.D./M.S/P.G./ diploma in three years for candidates with M.Sc. (medical subjects).

For starting Ph.D. course, the institution concerned shall have the following facilities namely:-

Adequate facilities for experimental medicine and experimental surgery;

Ancillary Departments, adequately equipped and well staffed as prescribed for Postgraduate departments;

Adequate facilities for advanced research work and laboratory investigations in the departments of Biochemistry, Physiology, Microbiology, Histopathology, Radio-diagnosis etc.

A guide for the Ph.D. degree shall have not less than fifteen year?s teaching and research experience after obtaining his postgraduate qualification and shall also have not less than ten years postgraduate teaching experience as an faculty member

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