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Study MD MS In Abroad


Study MD MS In Abroad

Pursuing a Master of Medicine (MD) or Master of Surgery (MS) degree is a dream for many undergraduate medical students. after completion of a master’s degree, an undergraduate doctor becomes a specialist doctor Having a Master’s degree in Medical help the student enhance their professional career, With the advancement in technology and the growth of the healthcare industry, more and more students are considering pursuing MD MS abroad to get the best possible education and exposure.

Studying medicine abroad has many advantages, including access to some of the world’s leading medical institutions, exposure to diverse cultures and healthcare systems, and the opportunity to learn from experienced medical professionals.

Advantage of MD MS in Abroad

Entry to World-Top Institutions:  Studying MD MS abroad allows students to study at some of the world’s best medical institutions. These universities had top research facilities and are well-equipped with the latest technology, and equipment, where students get access to world-class knowledge and expertise.

Exposure to Diverse Healthcare Systems: Every country has a unique healthcare and medical education system, and studying MD MS abroad provides students an opportunity to learn about different healthcare practice systems and teaching approaches. This can help students to develop a more comprehensive understanding of medicine and how it is practiced around the world.

Global Networking Opportunities: Studying MD MS abroad provides students an opportunity to meet and network with medical practitioners from around the globe. This can help them to build connections and relationships with excellent medical professionals and know the diverse healthcare practice system across the world, which can be useful in their future career options.

Better Job Probability:  Studying MD MS abroad can enhance a student’s job opportunities, both at home and abroad. This is because they will have access to a higher level of education and expertise and they had a registration opportunity to practice medicine in the country where they studied and in their home country as well.

Who can apply for MD MS in Abroad?

Students holding a valid MBBS or equivalent degree from India or Abroad recognize by Medical Council of India can apply for MD MS course. Candidates need to go through the Common Entrance Test NEET -PG (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) for Medical Postgraduate Courses (MD/MS/PG -Diploma) subsequent to finishing their MBBSNEET-PG exam is conducted by NBE in online mode throughout the country in a single sitting.

About the National Board of Examinations (NBE): NBE was established in 1975 by Govt. of India in order to improve the quality of the medical science in modern medicine. NBE main objective is to conduct Postgraduate medical examinations of a high standard on all India basis. It is a completely online mode for the exams through the NBE. NBE is under the ministry of health and family welfare in India. According to the recent changes in medical entrance exams, NBE is conducting one single entrance exam for admissions to MD/MS/DNB courses all over the country.

Eligibility Criteria for MD MS In Abroad

The following are the minimum eligibility criteria for admission in India:

  • Candidates pursuing MBBS Degree or have completed the MBBS from Institutions recognized by Indian Medical Council (MCI) are eligible.
  • The candidate has to complete one year of internships on or before 31st March of the commencement of academic year.
  • The candidate has passed his/her MBBS with minimum of 50% for general category and 45% for SC, ST and OBC category.
  • Foreign Medical Graduates- Candidates who have completed MBBS degree from institutions outside India must clear the FMGE Screening test and has permanent or provisional registration with MCI can apply for the NEET-PG exam, Candidates who have completed their internships before 31st March of the commencement of academic year can also participate for NEET PG exam.
  •  Foreign nationals – Candidates from outside India can also write NEET-PG exam, it is not mandatory for them to have temporary registration with MCI, they can write NEET-PG exam without MCI registration, however they can opt for temporary registration with MCI by paying prescribed fees ,but the person appearing for the exam must have registered with appropriate registering authority in his/her own country ,and his/her medical qualification  should be recognized by the competent authority for the concerned country.

Top Countries for Md MS Abroad

There are many countries around the world that offer high-quality MD MS programs. Here are some of the most popular destinations for international students:

United States: The US is home to some of the world’s top medical schools, with a focus on research and innovation. Some of the best medical schools in the US include Harvard University, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of California, San Francisco.

United Kingdom: The UK is known for its world-class medical education system and state-of-the-art research facilities. Some of the best medical schools in the UK include the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge, and Imperial College London.

Australia: Australia is known for its high standard of living and excellent medical programs. Some of the best medical schools in Australia include the University of Melbourne, the University of Sydney, and Monash University.

Canada: Canada is known for its excellent healthcare system and high-quality medical education. Some of the best medical schools in Canada include the University of Toronto, McGill University, and the University of British Columbia.

Germany: Germany is home to some of the world’s most renowned medical research institutions and is known for its high-quality education and cutting-edge technology. Some of the best medical schools in Germany include the University of Heidelberg, the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, and the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich.

MD MS Course in Abroad


MD – Anesthesiology


MD – Aviation Medicine/Aerospace Medicine


MD – Bacteriology


MD – Bio-Chemistry


MD – Bio-Physics


MD – Community Health Administration


MD – Dermatology , Venereology & Leprosy


MD – Emergency Medicine


MD – Family Medicine


MD – Forensic Medicine/Forensic Medicine & Toxicology


MD – General Medicine


MD – Geriatrics


MD – Hospital Administration


MD – Immune Hematology & Blood Transfusion


MD – Lab Medicine


MD – Maternity & Child Health


MD – Microbiology


MD/MS – Anatomy


MD/MS – Obstetrics & Gynecology


MD/MS – Ophthalmology

21MD – Nuclear Medicine
22MD – Pediatrics
23MD – Palliative Medicine
24MD – Pathology
25MD – Pathology & Microbiology
26MD – Pharmacology
27MD – Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
28MD – Physiology
29MD – Psychiatry
30MD – Radio Diagnosis/Radiology
31MD – Radiotherapy/ Radiation Oncology
32MD – Social & Preventive Medicine / Community Medicine
33MD – Sports Medicine
34MD – Transfusion Medicine
35MD – Tropical Medicine
36MD – Tuberculosis & Respiratory Diseases / Pulmonary Medicine
37MD – Venereology
38MS – ENT
39MS – General Surgery

MS – Orthopedics

MD MS Admission Process in Abroad

The admission process for MD MS programs abroad can be complex and competitive. Each country and university may have its own specific requirements and application processes. However, there are some general steps that students can take to ensure a smooth application process:

Research: Start by researching the medical programs available in your chosen country. Look into the academic requirements

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