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Study MBBS in Abroad

Abroad is one of the highly selected destinations for Medical Education not only by the Indian students but also by International students.

Study MBBS in Abroad

The MBBS course offers an opportunity for personal and professional growth for students.For Indian Students, Professional degree like MBBS hold great value. Not only does it guarantee a stable income and a safe career but it also offers the students an opportunity to work in a globally recognized field. You get a great chance to help people recover, cure ailments, and make a significant contribution in saving lives.

While there are some challenges associated with studying MBBS in a foreign country, there’s no denying the fact that it can be equally thrilling and enriching. When you study MBBS aboard, you get the chance to take in the culture and allure of a new place and get exposure, to things you’ve never heard of. There are several advantages to studying abroad, and that’s what this article is going to discuss:


If an student want to study MBBS in a foreign country, know that the cost of MBBS abroad varies on the basis of several factor, including which country and college you are choosing. Buy if you want to take admission in the cheapest MBBS college, we recommend choosing MBBS from Ukraine, MBBS from Russia, and MBBS from China. The average total fee (including all nine semesters) can be between 10 lacs to 20 lacs.


India Suffers Severe lack of Medical Colleges:
While this career option has great many advantages, the route to becoming an MBBS doctor is quite difficult in India. The number of colleges offering MBBS program is way lesser than the number of students who compete to get admission. As per NEET 2019, there are only 30,580 seats in the government institutions, and 31,690 seats in Private Medical Colleges. While, the number of medical aspirants who signed up for NEET 2019 was as high as 15.9 lakh. 
Have you ever wondered what happens to those 95% of the students who fail to secure a seat through NEET? Most of these students either opt for alternative courses like BDS, BHMS, BAMS, and BUMS. Some of these drop out and start preparation for taking the test next year, and some smart bunch of students find best MBBS colleges in abroad.

Affordable and Cost-effective MBBS Colleges in Abroad:
In India, medical aspirants have only two options: the-tough-to-get cheap government seats, and the highly expensive private medical colleges. Foreign MBBS colleges in China, Russia, and Ukraine offer admission to Indian students at a reasonable fee. The total fee can range from 10 lac to 20 lacks, which is 70% cheaper than most of the private colleges in India. These cheapest MBBS colleges can be your gateway of fulfilling your dream of becoming a doctor.

Expert Faculty and Focus on Clinical Skills: 
These foreign colleges have experience faculty who have depth of clinical and practical knowledge. They are hired after an exhaustive screening process. Unlike in Indian Institutes, the rote learning is not promoted in these colleges. The fundamental exam pattern is determined with focus on clinical skills and not on the student’s ability to memorize formulas and large number of information.

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Study MBBS in Abroad

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