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Pharmacy is the health profession of the doctoral level. It is used to provide prescribed medicines to patients. It is usually termed as B pharma, and it is an undergraduate course of duration 4 years. After completion of this course, the student can become a chemist or a pharmacist.  The pharmacist knows all the information about medicines. The Undertaker health care of patients as far as it is concerned with their medications. They safeguard public health and help the patient live a healthier life. Pharmacy consists of medicinal study and chemistry involved in making of various drugs.

The qualified pharmacist must know everything about the interactions and chemistry between medicines. Students who love chemistry, more than biology can opt for this field instead of going for MBBS. D farm can be referred to as a shortcut to the Pharmacy field as it is a diploma course. Its duration is 2 years and it can b then after finishing 12th boards.


The minimum score required for eligibility from 12 board is 50%. However, SC, ST cast will be accepted in a 40% score. Minimum age of the student should be 17 years old. Most of the institutes conduct their own entrance exam to give admission in D Pharma course followed by a personal interview and test for general aptitude.

Still, the admission process varies from college to college. Some important entrance exams to get admission in D pharma are GPAT, UPSEE, JEE Pharmacy, AU AIMEE Pharmacy, CPMT and PMET. After completing D Pharma, someone can work in Health centres, Hospitals, Chemist shops, Drug Control Administration, Pharmaceutical firms, Home tuition, Sales department, Research agencies, Food and Drug Administration.


Subjects syllabus are categorised into two parts pharmacy part 1 and pharmacy part 2. Following subjects show the syllabus of each year.

Subjects in D pharm 1st year:

Pharmaceutics 1 pharmaceutical chemistry 1, Pharmacognosy, biochemistry and clinical Pathology, human anatomy and physiology, health education and community pharmacy.

Subjects in D pharm 2nd year:

Pharmaceutics 2, pharmaceutical chemistry 2, Pharmacology and Toxicology, Pharmaceutical jurisprudence drug store and business management, hospital and clinical pharmacy.

The first examination held in the first year is annual examination while the second examination is a supplementary examination for D pharm part 1. Examinations are taken in written as well as a practical form including viva which carries maximum marks for every subject. If the student was unable to pass the theory or practical exam, they get to reappear the exam of the same subject.

An accurate record of theory and practical is maintained for each subject, and in the end, marks are allotted. As sessional, 20 marks for theory and 20 marks for practical is allotted for each subject. There are two sessional exams each academic year. The student must gain at least 50% marks in each subject separately in theory and sessional and 50% in practical too to get the degree of D Pharm.

While students secure 60% or more are passed with first class in either year of the course. And the candidate who secures 75% is said to have passed with distinction.


The minimum qualification to be registered as a pharmacist is to get a D Pharm. After finishing D pharm, one can go for higher studies like Master of Pharmacy and get specialised in a particular field. Students can also go for having a PhD in pharmacy, some can work in drug stores in Government Hospitals, Private Clinics, and Community Health Centres.

Becoming a pharmaceutical chemist, working in pharmacology, and pharmaceutical marketing are also some options. Other job profiles include being a Technical Supervisor, Medical Transcriptionist, Pharmacist, Quality Analyst, Scientific Officer. Becoming a pharmacist after D pharm is a great option as they can earn 19,9000 INR annually. The scientific officer who deals with research projects and development of new technologies can earn 64,7000 INR annually.

Production executive who sets the budget, observes equipment conditions, gives job duties can also earn Well up to 3,42000 INR annually. And medical transcriptionist who works with physicians and other Healthcare professionals can earn good 2,42000 INR annually.


  1. Manipal college of pharmaceutical sciences (MCOPS) (Manipal, Karnataka)

          The college offers graduation for diploma in pharmacy and their annual fee of 49.5k INR.

  1. JSS Academy Of Higher Education and Research (JSS University) (Mysore, Karnataka)

          The college offers graduation for diploma in a pharmacy under an average annual fee of 40,000 INR

  1. Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and research. (DIPSAR) (New Delhi-Delhi NCR)

       The college offers graduation for diploma in pharmacy and an average annual fee of 31,370 INR.

  1. Shobhaben pratapbhai Patel School of Pharmacy and Technology Management (SPPSPTM) (Mumbai Maharashtra)

     The college of education for diploma in pharmacy and then an average annual fee of 75,000 INR.

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